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After a successful career in the Middle East formerly in the worlds of architecture and interior design David returned to Cornwall fifteen years ago to focus on another passion: Art. He completed a BA in Fine Art at Falmouth Wood Lane Campus in 2016 where he benefitted from the diverse and experimental syllabus and enjoyed new challenges.

His Fine Art practice is figurative and he has made a business selling direct from exhibitions for the last five years. Subjects range from landscape to built forms and people. Watercolours are from a muted palette and white is revealed in the composition to create a feeling of light, depth and perspective.

From a Falmouth base and Truro gallery works are as varied as fishing scenes and a cathedral City. David’s sketch book is always in his pocket and photographs help capture reference details when working outdoors but in winters his latest work is developing in Still Life. A “Rowe” from his latest collection explores pattern and nature. A love of geometry reflects on travel and his earlier life.

Giving back and contributing to the Artists community is part of a philosophy of sharing and continuing to grow and learn. The recent Lockdown periods have provided a unique opportunity to explore his immediate surroundings and revisit early artistic influences.

The result has been a collection of work entitled 'New Beginnings' that represents a clear line of development using images from nature in a semi representational manner.

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